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06-19-2008, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Still can't believe so many people think we will be fine if we let Jagr walk.

Gomez was one (or was) our best forward for most of the season, a big reason he why was be he was not facing the other teams top defense pairing every night, do you know who was? Jagr. If Jagr goes then Gomez, say hello to the top defense every night...he will not put up the same amount of points, thats for sure.

Another con, Dubinsky, got plenty of ice time, developing very nicely with a superstar to guide him....without Jagr....enjoy the 3rd line Dubi playing a defensive role with 12 minutes of ice time. That will stunt his development for sure.

Another Con, how much of the damn team are we replacing? Jagr, Straka, Shanny, and Avery could all be are all those holes going to be filled? With some Swedish fringe 4th liner? Too many holes...once we have them filled it will take half a season just to get any chemistry going again.

So sure, lets replace Jagr with a some spare parts and everything will be dandy...give me a break.

For us to be competitive we need Jagr back. At least until we get a replacement, but there is none next season.
I can't say I'm with you on this point about Gomez, Fly. Sure, Jagr was eating up the first line minutes and getting mauled by the first pairings of the other team, but look at the numbers Gomez put up. Now look at who he was playing with. Dawes, Avery and Shannahan. Not exactly the high scoring winger he would probably have if Jagr was out of the picture.

If you bring back Jagr, you're not just bringing back a player, you're bringing back his style of play. Dubinsky is blossoming under Jagr, but he's learning to play a type of game that this team won't be using once Jagr is gone. So down the road when Jagr isn't here, we'll have a center playing the pass-pass-shoot European style, while the rest of the team is playing a NA dump and chase style.

Sure thats probably exaggerating it a bit, but you also have to take into account that we'll have to fill the opposing wing on the Dubi-Jagr line. Who goes there? Avery? What if he doesn't come back? Straka? Prucha? Do we spend the money for Gomez's sniper on a guy like Huselius, Demitra or Naslund?

Like I've said before, I'm not concerned with being competitive next season if it means taking the steps to make this team better down the line. What does a 2nd round knock out get you? A low draft-pick and a couple weeks of extra revenue from playoff ticket sales for the team. I'd rather try to build this team around Drury and Gomez, wind up in 20th place and have a top-10 pick than get knocked out in the 2nd round again. Thats two years now that team-Jagr has had a chance to push us beyond the 2nd round of the playoffs. Obviously it isn't working. Is two more years of the same thing really going to make a difference? Is a puck moving d-man really going to put us over the top? I doubt it.

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