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06-19-2008, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaptain Bégin View Post
For Emelin, if it's true he want to come to N.A., money isn't the problem. From what I heard on SRC, when they talk about russian hockey, a couple of months ago, he didn't want to play in Russia anymore. Maybe it's why he didn't play well this year. When you want out, it's hard to give an all-out effort. Plus, his style of play will be a better fit on a smaller ice. But still, I supposed he really want to come. Maybe he's just a liar. But I think Russian players still want to play with the best of the world, like A.Kost said.
Perhaps he doesn't want to play in Russia anymore, who knows. I could see it effecting his play if that was the case. The whole situation has been full of drama and mystery. I still recall after the wjc's that he was saying he wanted to come over to North America asap, so you never know. I also agree, his style of play will be a better fit on the smaller ice + more physical brand of hockey. Hopefully we will see him over here at some point with the next season or two.

Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
Am I the only one who think this is:
BIGCan you image a team that would bring 3 or 4 Russians in their roster in one year? This could change the contenders to the cup.
I do think it could be big if Russia voids their contracts, although this is the first I'm hearing this so I will wait and see how true it is first. I would really like to get Emelin over here this summer, so if his contract was voided and he really did want to come over, it would be a perfect time, as he could perhaps go back and forth between Hamilton and the Habs, getting help from Valentenko/Markov. Korneev I aways wanted to see him come over to see what he can do, even if it doesn't work out at least get him to camp to see how he does.

I dont' think getting both would change much for the Habs but that's just me. I don't see us becoming contenders by adding just those two especially since we have no idea how they would adjust to the nhl.

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