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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Pierre is at the world juniors every year, talks to the players, coaches, trainers, broadcasters, general managers and has a passion for the game. Considering his qualities and his access to different events including the draft, one would think he should get recognition as a person with great knowledge of the players and the game. Somehow, he doesn't, probably because he says "monster" too often or is seen as too passionate, but those who only look at that are fools and I feel bad for those who judge the book by it's cover.
It really has nothing to do with him saying "Monster!" or "Active Stick" too much, it has to do with him picking favourites. He doesn't seem capable of doing analysis without picking a favourite player and pushing/only talking about him, or the converse and picking a target to ridicule.

I like McGuire, because I think he at least has exposure to more players than anyone else, short of some scouts. He can be annoying because no matter what he's opining on, he's got a man crush on someone, and every draft is the best he's ever seen.

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