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06-19-2008, 02:26 PM
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It's funny how many peoples perceptions of a player change much later on.

Sandy McCarthy won the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award 2 years in a row (granted in the lean years). But fans did turn on him immediately when he refused to fight anymore.

Seeing Chris Simon on the list of one is strange to me. He did have a few "mini-moments" which I guess were precursers to what happened a few years later, but I couldn't imagine a single Ranger fan having any problems w/ Chris when he was here. The guy had real hockey hands and destroyed so many of the heavyweights in fights.

Rumun "Nigerian Nightmare" Ndur isn't fitting for anymore to hate. His 31 games are just a trivia answer to a random question regarding that 7 year death march.

I almost feel like digging through the archives to show the real opinions of Dale Purinton. If anything, prior to the eye gouging, Dale received a lot of the Girardi treatment. He was almost the only thing homegrown and developed in Hartford on the entire roster. As a result, Purinton defenders were a dime a dozen.

Dunham and Poti are deserving in my book because of their temperament. Dunham stood on him head after the trade and delivered a solid October/November prior to getting injured. But like Poti, they both had the skill, but came off in interviews as complete asshats. While the Rangers were losing, interviewers would push them and even criticizing their play. Instead of recognizing that the end result was a loss, they saw no problems in how they performed. I personally believe Chris Drury is seem too highly in everyone's eyes, but if he scored 5 goals and the Rangers lost 6-5, he would still be disappointed with himself and the end result. Mike Dunham and Tom Poti were not these type of figures.

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