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Originally Posted by AJ1982 View Post
Blah blah, I'm tired of these arguments. The NHL has no business taking over an individual team's website in which that team has invested money to make it good. This is not like McDonald's. There is a big difference between a league and a franchise restaurant chain. Each team does not sell the same menu, each team is supposed to be unique and different. That comparison sucks and the NHL is wrong. I hate Dolan as much as anybody, but for the NHL to push crappier assets onto a team without compensation is ridiculous. "rules are rules"... except when rules are ridiculous and should be challenged.
The court says that the league had every right taking over the Rangers website!

I find it interesting that the Rangers are complaining that an independent voice needs to decide the matter even though an independent Judge alread ruled on it.

The Rangers need to follow the league rules that they agreed too.

I support the NHL on this one!

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