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06-19-2008, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I dont' expect a guy like Korpikoski to come in and replace Jagr, but I think he could certainly replace Straka. Shanny scored 20 goals, Dawes could do the same. Those guys aren't that far off.
Dawes could do the same as shanny... but then who replaces dawes old production... do you think that dawes will score 34 goals next year... I don't. Thats still 14 goals less.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Why does Dubi need stellar wingers to play with on the 3rd line? I don't understand why people are catering to Dubinsky all of a sudden because the kid had a good year playing with one of the best wingers in the history of the game. Yes he's a good player, but frankly, without Jagr here he's #3 on the depth chart. So thats where he's gonna play.
So if Dubinsky's production drops, who will replace it? You will have the same player but w/ less production. I actually think a full year of Dubi and Jagr and you will get more production out of both.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
There are much better options than Rozsival out there on the market. Redden and Liles would both be a drastic improvement over Rozsival IMO. Plus there are trades available as well if that becomes necessary.
yes, but now look at cap space they take up. That money uses up space taken for another wing... Plus Rosy had more goals than Redden on a worse offense. They actually both had 38 points... I'm not sure if it is that drastic an improvement. I think you are selling Rosy short. Liles isn't as good as Rosy right now, but he is younger and will become better in a year or two. Probably still won't be as good as Rosy next year.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Drury had a Drury season. He's not an offensive dynamo. He's a consistent two-way forward who wins faceoffs, kills penalties, blocks shots and still manages to average about 25 goals per season. Last year in Buffalo was a complete anomaly for him. Here, he managed to tie for the team lead in goals while playing 3rd line minutes. There is nothing to worry about with Drury other than his salary. But just because Slats is paying too much for him doesn't mean he's going to start pulling 10 extra goals per season out of thin air. Just because you overpaid for your Toyota doesn't make it a Ferrari, ya know?
I think it will be anamoly but not because of him. he was put in a good system that suits him the best.... the Rangers system and the players around him really aren't the best for him... he's better at a run and gun system, which lets you create a little... but he also needs alot of talent and good passing around him which he doesn't have here right now...

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