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06-19-2008, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by zestystrat View Post
How to make Hockey less relevant? Take the #2 valued franchise in the league out of the USA’s #1 media market. Fantastic idea.

This just makes the league look even more pathetic then it already does.
Originally Posted by motime42 View Post
I dont understand this. If the NHL is convinced they are so right, then why dont they win in court. They need to have a little faith in the system.

What is the NHL gonna do? Take one of its most prestigious, history rich and moneymaking franchises out of The Worlds Most Famous Arena and stick the team in the Meadowlands at Izod Center?

That would be a BRILLIANT move on the part of the NHL.
To say you guys are over-reacting to this would be an understatement. Okay, let's entertain the like a one in a million of one percent chance the league were to "try" Dolan on that charge and find cause for termination of his ownership and the correct percentage of other owners went along (they wouldn't)...

Dolan would be forced to sell the team. Now, considering Dolan owns the team, MSG the building, MSG the network, etc and there's these things called leases and TV contract, why would they not continue to play/be televised on MSG and why would Dolan not continue to reap the benefits of ownership without actually being the owner? He's going to rip up the Rangers TV deal and let them go to SNY? He's going to rip up the Rangers lease (and god knows what the terms of these two things are, because if you don't think they favor Dolan, you are insane), and tell them to get lost and go to Jersey, giving up the gate money and the concessions and everything, and the 45+ dates, in order to spite the league? LOL.

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