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06-19-2008, 03:58 PM
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Used to love Purinton when in his first couple seasons, but I lost respect for the guy as time went by. He just didn't enforce by the code, plain and simple.

Three incidents stand out.

1st was against the Caps. Steven Peat was in the lineup. He and Purinton were aquainted well from their AHL days. They were on the ice together and just about everyone knew they were going to go. What happens, Peat has his back to him, and purinton skates up to him, and crosschecks the guy right in the mouth. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then gets the jump on him and start firing away punches before Peat is even set.

2nd was against Atlanta. Francis Lessard was with the Thrash at the time. Purinton was taking some liberties that game. Lessard came over to address the issue. Purinton fake glove drops. Lessard drops his gloves. Purinton pretends uninterested and goes to skate away. Lessard bends down to pick up his gloves. Purinton proceeds to suckerpunch the guy with repeated right hands as Lessard is picking his mitts off the ice.

3rd and worst of all. Purinton suckers Eric Cairns in front of the Rangers net. He TKO's cairns, while he is not ready for it. As Cairns goes down, and is stunned on the ice, Purinton continues to throw punches.

In the highly anticipated rematch, the papers talk up the fight. ESPN talks up the fight. Everyone knew it was going to happen. The game starts, Purinton and Cairns comes together, and Purinton turtles after Cairns drops the gloves. It was a total gutless move!

Peter Nedved is up there for me. Guy took way too many nights off. He was arguably the most talented guy on the team in each of his stints here, but he didn;t have the heart to go with it.

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