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06-19-2008, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
I've read it..but who do you want to replace that huge chunk of our team?

I agree with you 100% on Orpik, he would be a huge upgrade for us on defense alone. Smith, ok, I can see that also, if we lose all this leadership then getting Smith I would be ok with.

But what about on offense?

We have plenty of grit in our system and young players, but we need some high skill forwards on offense, we can't expect Cally and Dubi to run the show. Nobody from HFD is ready to step up and chip in 20 goals for us either.

I somewhat agree, we need to get away from the whole Euro movement we have been in, but only because those set of guys are getting too old (Straka mainly, Malik of course, 50/50 on Rosy...).

Move away from that group of guys slowly, replace a couple this season, and couple more the next season.

There is no reason we should be throwing away half the team just to rebuild for the future...and thats exactly what we would be doing.

Without Jagr, i'll say it again, it's going to be hard to compete for a playoff spot.

Keep Jagr this year, replace him with Cherry next year and a UFA.
honestly, i woul rather have three even lines than one first line....and if you really wanted to have a first line move drury with gomez.....the thing is that if jagr is resigned then sather will get a winger to play with him and dubi.....and then the players who are playing the actual system will get less time.....


i really think that improving the defense will improce the offense...people look at it like the rangers lived up to expectations last year and that there is no way any of them will improve on their numbers....if half of the other players have even average years they will reach the same plateau or better.....i really think the younger players can replace shanahan and straka....and IMO with other players getting more time and with an improved pp they could score more than last year.....

the two main problems i saw last year:
1)the pp qb or anyone to stand in front to screen
solution: torres/redden
2) the forwards came too low in the zone because there wasnt a defenseman who could make along breakout pass(hence so few odd-man rushes)....also leading to the opposing defensemen to not back-up off of the blue-line because they dont have to respect any sort of attack with speed....
solution: orpik/redden-reddens breakout pass and ability to move the puck.....orpiks ability to seperate the other team from the puck and take care of below the goal-line so the forwards dont have to go as low

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