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06-20-2008, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
I'll admit that I don't know much about the team's owner, but why is there so much hate for him? Is it a TV and ticketing thing, has he done stuff to screw over the fans before or what?
From my point of view (far removed from everything) he seems to have a hired a 'hockey guy' in Sather and given basically a blank cheque which seems about the best thing a team's owner can do.
Just curious.....

You say Hockey Guy...I say a relic of the old days and old ways of thinking.

You say an open check book is a good thing (so did the relic before he came to NY) and I point out to his colossal failure as this teams GM prior to being financially constrained by the cap.

As for Dolan, the basis upon which he fired Neil Smith (a guy who won the cup in NY) was not also applied to Sather (piss poor team performance and horrible asset management and poor drafting)

I would have felt better with Neil Smith manning the rebuilding efforts than with Sather. Neil Smith was (I believe) a major contributor to the drafting of the Wings before being hired as the NYR GM. Alot of the Wings success during the mid-90's had alot to do with his input and I believe he would have done a better job than Sather has done.

As it is, with the early 1st round picks that Sather has had, he's shown that he's not well versed on today's players and if we want to blame the scouting director that's fine as well, but the ultimate decision is Sather's as it is his vision that the team is constructed.

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