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06-20-2008, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
I'll add a Canes perspective on this. No, O'Bryne isn't the type of guy that Rutherford is looking for right now and adding Grabo is redundant as the Canes are prettymuch set at forward, and in fact looking to trade a "top 9" guy. The only reason they're really dangling Cole and Ruutu out there is to get a defenseman for the top 4 (likely top 2) in return. If Rutherford wanted to take the Canes into a rebuilding mode that might be an intriguing offer, I like a lot of O'Bryne's potential, but he's not a top 4 guy yet and that's what he's looking for. Really I just don't think the two teams are a good fit for trading this offseason, the three players Carolina would be most interested in are Markov, Hamrlik and Komisarek. There's no way Cole is worth a Markov type player and I don't think the Canes would add what it would take to even the deal out. Hamrlik is likely too old for what Rutherford seems to be looking for, and I don't think there's any chance that Komisarek is traded.
Dave, as good as Cole is, in terms of trhe comnplete skill package, he doesn't seem to put up th enumbers you'd expect, esp. judging by how he plays against Mtl.

Is it due to playing with a 'shoot first' C, if he's played with Staal ? Just a matter of staying healthy consistently ? I've got this half baked theory [one of many] about players who with the quality of theor goals, blind you to the lack of quantity.

I know, if I think about stuff like this, I've got too much time on my hands.

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