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Originally Posted by Gunner8811 View Post
Sounds to me like you were trying to REALLY tear it down.
Whatever I'm not going to argue with you about it anymore. Everyone knows your a die hard Generals fan Wade. It's sad that you remember a 19 year NHL veteran with 2 Stanley Cups that played for your beloved Oilers for the majority of those years as a one year Sr. hockey failure at the age of 40....but hey, that is your choice.
Sad? I think its a worthy read.

Its not that often a guy who played 1200 NHL games shows up in Bentley or any place like Bentley. Therefore Bucky's performance is bound to be scrutinized by anyone who saw it happen up close.

Compare Bucky to what Theo did with Horse Lake Thunder the year before:

Theoren Fleury: Despite his appalling physical condition and being far more interested in 'things' away from the rink (mostly talking abut things at the lounge) Theo could make people look totally stupid with his smarts/saavy and skill. I don't think it would be a strecth to suggest Fleury had NO HEART as a Sr. player. He DID however fill the rinks where ever he went and for the most part everyone who saw him saw how he COULD have been a great NHL player at one time. Unfortunatley we also saw a lot of what stopped his career at the same time. He was compelling...and not even all that inspired.

Bucky: A clean living, health nut. (as MOST NHL vet's are). With a comparable amount of time in the NHL to Fleury. Totally different kind of player with a totally different impact on SR hockey. Bucky's year here went relativley unnoticed even though he behaved himself off the ice and maintained respect for himself he was an easy mark when AAA playoffs rolled around. Much easier to contain than the permanently hung over Theo Fleury.

I would even say Gino Odjick (a better comparison) was a better Sr. player than Bucky. The reason was easy to see,as well. Gino wasn't trying to do too much. He would take his shots on net and use his line mates.

I'm not saying Fleury won my respect as a Sr player. Just saying Bucky definatley didn't either.

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