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06-20-2008, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
Bingo....your bang on!!!

Tender is TOO tender. He needs to play mean and aggressive and start using his body to control the play when he is on the ice to make room for his linemates and like you said....if he won't do that, then we need to go out and find someone who will because thats one area we are lacking.
A cat is a cat. Someday people will learn that Latendresse will NEVER be mean and agressive 'cause it's not him. I really hope the Habs brass won't do like most people in here and stop wanting to change a guy and instead use his strengths and teach him what can be teach. You don't need to be mean and agressive to win our 1 on 1 battles and you don't need to be mean to put yourself in front of the net. Latendresse was playing a finess game in Juniors. Now he realizes that he's going to get his goals by doing those 2 things. He just need to learn that.

But he'll never be aggressive. People who wants Latendresse to be mean and aggressive actually wish he'd be somebody else....or can't wait to see what Pacioretty can do....

Besides, while I don't agree, doesn't seem that it's that much a priority to Gainey and Co. Sure it's find to be bigger and so on but from their own words, it's not their game. The Habs gams is speed and skill. It shouldn't be only that way and maybe they'll realize that while speed and skill can be the center of our game plan, you need to grit and the competitiveness to make room for our skill and speedy guys. And pretty sure they'll understand that soon enough....

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