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06-20-2008, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
1) He is thinking of keeping Smoke depending on what else happens....
Smoke is only kept if we get a winger instead of sundin.... or Lappy can be moved to wing.....

2) No way we give up Pleks.... a young centre who has proven he can play on the #1 line.... what we don't have enough of on the farm as it is... to acquire Sundin... thats 1 step forward, 1 step back..... If we get sundin expect three offensive lines..

The more i think about it I want Sundin and Naslund.....

AKost - Pleks - Kovalev
Tender - Sundin - Naslund
Higgins - Koivu - SKost
Kostopolous - Chips/Smoke - Lapierre/Begin

There is no way I want to give up Pleks....he is worth too much to give to the Leafs....thats for sure....but I just don't see Sundin coming cheap if a trade is made before the draft. Pleks has proved that he can play so his value is high....thats the only reason I mentioned it, but theres no way I want to see him go. Besides, if we have Sundin, Pleks and Koivu.....there won't be enough ice time to go around to keep all 3 guys happy....maybe getting rid of Koivu is the true solution. I would have no problem with getting rid of Koivu if it meant getting a TRUE leader like Sundin in a Habs jersey. I like Koivu, but his better years are behind him and we need a leader who will lead by his play on the ice, not by what he says in the dressing room.

I partially agree with your idea of getting Naslund. He might have a little gas left in the tank and he would likely come cheaper than a lot of other players. Maybe a fresh start in a new city will be all he needs to be more productive. He isn't the big tough winger that I would like to have, but he might be worth a shot if he was willing to come to Montreal and if we happened to land Sundin.....Naslund might want to come and join his fellow countrymen.

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