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Originally Posted by Section337 View Post
If he goes, good luck to him and good luck to the KHL, but really I don`t care.

It is time for he NHL, the media, and its fans have to stop playing the role of the insecure teenage girl. You know what, we aren`t always going to get to have the specialist, new purse (Malkin) whenever we want it. Nor will we likely ever be Paris Hilton (NHL), but life isn`t bad in the middle class household (NHL) in which we exist.

The constant gnashing of teeth, rending of hair gets tiresome. Specially when it is preemptive gnashing and rending.
Whats tiresome is being told by NHL 'sources' that this type defection from the NHL is actually possible. Most people do not/have not/will not buy into the logic...yet its out there.

Show me where the NHL isn't a bigger market than any other hockey league before you show me bigger contracts than NHL deals.

DSF is reminding us of a time when the WHA stole top NHL talent...but a lot has changed since 1975. Really bothersome to be inundated with unsupportabl rumours regarding Malkin's apparent complete and utter lack of intrerest in the NHL.

Just because he doesn't speak good english he wants to go home?

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