Thread: Eklund Rumor: McKee to Buffalo?
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06-20-2008, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Frenzy1 View Post
1. Oooppps...

2. My problem isn't that he puts it out there. It is that he "Has insider information" and publishes crap he knows isn't real or true (trade rumors specifically). You and I don't go around putting stuff we know to be BS out on the internet for personal gain.

Lets face facts, when trades occur, it is usually kept under lock and key until the news has been broken to the players. Even at the trade deadline, while we know who is likely available and who is chasing those players - we have no real idea of what will be coming back in the trade or which team in the end will come down with the soon to be UFA.

For example the last two trades (Mayers and Mason) there was no media leak. It was shocking to everyone. (While fans figured Mason was available - no one broke the deal ahead of time - which is what often happens).

From a personall stand point, I don't like Rumor mongering. Because for the most part it is bogus.
Eklund puts any info he hears out there and uses a rating system to let you know how much to take from each rumor, if you choose to ignore the system and lump everything he posts in as big time rumors that is your own stupidity.

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