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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
Your totally missing my point.

In physical terms...the guy was still a total horse. Aside from a brutal comb over and some scars. He was not broken down or lame. Not even close.

Bucky wound up meeting his end as a SR player by running head long into a patient,dedicated defensive scheme that counted on him NOT KNOWING how to make the game easy for himself or his linemates.

He was too strong,too proud, play the game properly.

This was a player who would dig with his bare hands while the machine's built for digging the same hole try to maneuver around him to finish the job.
I think you're missing the point.

I'm not arguing that he wasn't in great shape. You can be in great shape and still be worn down.

I wrecked my shoulder a few months ago; I can still lift weights and stuff, but the range-of-motion is shot, and will be still for awhile now.

1200 NHL games the way Buchberger played them are going to leave their mark, and no amount of time in the gym will change that.

But whatever. OK, he was a bad senior hockey player. I heard he was also bad in pie-eating contests. . .about as relevant to his NHL career, IMO.

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