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06-01-2004, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Radek27


Those are four off the top of my head that had to be backup till they could TAKE the starting role. Turco is the reason Eddie is in Toronto, cause he outplayed him in Dallas. I am all for a good young backup goalie to push whoever the starter will be, but I don't wanna throw a kid to the wolves either. In my honest opinion Blackburn needs to start and start a lot in the AHL this season. I don't know about anyone else, but Dunham gets injured too much to be a starter IMO. What i'm saying is we sign a guy (to whatever amount is fair after the new CBA) and let him be our starter...........Hasek, Bulin I don't care, anyone that can win us games...........let whoever that is start till Blackburn or Lundqvist or Labarbara or whoever comes up and takes that job away. Goaltender is one of our strongest possitions, but we don't have a starter right now.
Why do you want to sign a goalie who might win you 5 extra games a year when you do not have a playoff team????? What is the point? To miss the lottery AGAIN?

On your goalies:

Kiprusoff, if anything, supports my argument. First off, he was buried behind other goalies in San Jose and NEVER given a chance to develop. Calgary gives him games, and he's making the most of it. Let's not call Kiprusoff a bona fide #1 yet either.... Remember JS Giguere last year - let's see if he can back up his performance with another similar year before we put that on him.

Theodore: Fits into my argument. Started 1 full season in Fredericton, then split time between the big club. He wasn't buried on the Bench for a full season behind a #1 goaltender. By the time he was 22, he was playing 30 games per year. At 24, he played 59 games.

DiPietro: DiPietro, to my knowledge, hasn't been buried behind a number 1 goalie and has certainly not warranted the title himself. That said, he doesn't have a number #1 goalie around him - the job is his. They have given him the opportunity to take the reigns. At 22, he played 51 NHL Games.

Esche: Well, is a bit of a late bloomer, but has he established himself as a clear number one goalie? The guy has never played more then 40 games in an NHL season.

Blackburn has over sixty games of NHL experience at 21 years old. Assuming the health is there - it does no good to have him riding the pine behind a goalie who is going to play 60 games or splitting time in hartford. Either would stunt his growth.

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