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06-01-2004, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Radek27
How is it going to stint the growth of Blackburn and Lundqvist when right now, both are slated for either Hardford or a backup job? Blackburn needs to go to the Pack to get back all of last season he lost and Lundqvist will be getting used to the NA game. Signing Bulin to a one year deal isn't a bad idea. If not Bulin then go after a really good goalie via trade. With a younger team next year we have to get a good goalie in here Bulin or not. NO DUNHAM!
If we can slip out of this ideological vaccum for a second....Why exactly is a 31 year old Bulin gonna sign with us (of all teams) to a 1 year deal? He will be coming off a possible Stanley Cup victory, signing his first UFA deal, and he's gonna sign with a rebuilding team for ONE year so he can so conveniently be a stop gap for one of our prospects to take over??? Get real, ain't happening. He will be looking for big money and a long term deal. This is his wet dream, being a free agent after winning the cup. No way does he sign anything less than a 3 year deal. Now do you still want him?

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