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06-22-2008, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by BabyJagr View Post
Everything is going to be fine...

The way I see our lineup next year:

Booth - Weiss - Horton
Olesz - Kreps - Frolik
Zednik - Matthias - McLean
Stewart - Campbell - Dvorak

Bouwmeester - Boynton
Ballard - Allen
Skrastins - Van Ryn


Scratch: Welch, Murphy, Peltonen, Belak, Stumpel

That is without any improvements from FA's... And I would love to wash Stumpel, Murphy and Pelt, please do it Jacques !

And you know what... I like this squad, maybe too young but I like the potential. If we start the season with this line-up, I'll predict a ROY-season for Michael Frolik ! If this guy is trusted in an offensive-role, he'll be dynamite !!!

And I said it last year, I thought we had the best group of defensemen in the SouthEast division (that's something to say about the quality of Eastern defences !), and I'll say it this year, we may have the best defence in the East... You could argue about the Canadiens...

Bouwmeester will have a great year with Nick Boynton being the policeman at his side, Ballard will fulfill his potential as a powerplay-quaterback since he has been that his whole career, and Bryan Allen is likely to be a fixture in our top-4 for the lenght of his contract. Then we let number 5 and 6 as a battle come training camp !

On offense.. Well, we'll see ! But those Czech kids have enough in the tank IMO to stay a little relax. We won't be an offensive-juggernaut that's for sure (well as of now, waiting for July 1st ! ), but we'll be one pain in the ass the whole night, the whole season... And that's 96 hockey !

What I didn't like in the Jokinen trade, was that we didn't got back a great prospect ! You know, I would have loved to get our hands on a first pick, or even a couple of their high seconds, or Keith Yandle. Nothing... That's why I'm a little bit upset, because as a team in transition like ours, we were just a great great prospect away of being ONE of the future franchises in the new NHL, that's my thought !

But I'll enjoy the summer, and I'll digest this trade with time... Next year will be THE most important year in Panthers history !

Edit: Also I remember a quote I saw that said "never underestimate a Peter Deboer's team", so I won't ! I'll underestimate them next draft !
I think you have the lines mixed up, though, I can't see Boynton on the top pairing at all, especially since he was bottom pairing in Phoenix. I don't want Bouw having to recover for his defense partner like he did with Hill. Also, you don't get a guy like Belak and then scratch him. He's an important part of this team, especially with Carolina getting Hordichuk. With Boynton, Ballard, Campbell, and Belak here, this team won't pushed around like it has in the past, and Vokoun won't be run.

I think the lines could be:
McLean-Kreps-Zednik(Or flip Zednik or McLean with Olesz)

Boynton-Welch/Ryno/Murphy/Ellerby(who could move up a line, too)/etc.


I'm scared to rely on the kids, but apparently Jacques' plan was to go with them, which is why he wanted Deboer so bad.

One thing we've seen in Matthias is that the kid improves at every level he gets to, and quickly. The NHL is obviously a whole new ballgame, but he's hungry and knows how to get the garbage goal. With Frolik at his side and possibly Olesz, he could really do some damage. I don't know much aout Frolik, except that everyone's high on him. We'll see what pans out.

So you're saying there's a chance!
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