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06-22-2008, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
see, my argument is that the forwards are having to go to deep in the zoe to help the doesnt help if the supposed #1 defenseman cant handle defensive responsibilities...i dont think he would have HUGE impact on a team that needs an elite passer, not a skating defenseman as the forwards have the speed and skill to play a counter-attacking style.....BTW, it was being talkied about that he wants 8 million a year for 6-7 years at least and the asking price will only go up because people think he is exactly what you said...a legitimate #1 defenseman in his prime when he is not...he is a below average #2 and a good #3
Oh god, give me a break. Everything about his play the last few years belies the idea that he is somewhere between a 2 and 3 defenseman. His assist totals certainly bely the idea that he's not an elite passer. And he fit in perfectly on Buffalo, who plays/played a very similar offensive style to what the Rangers play now. Besides, he likely won't get 8mil anyway, more like 7.

As for your first point about going deep into the zone, that's all well and good but when you're talking about upgrading offensively and staying equal defensively (e.g. the difference between Roszival and Campbell), how does that argument even have merit? Chances are, if the Rangers can't land Campbell, Roszival is going to be back. All you are doing by going with one over the other is upgrading the team's offensive firepower.

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