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06-22-2008, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by OneOfTheHockeyGods View Post
Eh, I can guarantee he will get more than 7 million a year. Pitt has the potential to be the best team in the league for the foreseeable future.
Most players don't go to teams just because of how good the team may be down the road. There are many other factors that Marian Hossa would have to consider. Sometimes players go to cities that are warm, that they enjoy, where there friends are. I am not saying that he doesn't take into consideration the future of a franchise but I think many other things factor in.

Also take a look at the players making 7 million or more.

Ovechkin 9.5 >Hossa
Crosby 8.7 >Hossa
Richards 7.8 < Hossa (this was a very bad contract by TB)
Chara 7.5 >Hossa
Heatley 7.5>Hossa
Lidstrom 7.45>Hossa
Gomez 7.35=Hossa (also overpayment by NYR)
Thornton 7.2 >Hossa
Vanek 7.1<Hossa (gross overpayment)
Drury 7.0<Hossa (another Ranger Overpayment)
Iginla 7.0> Hossa

I would say Hossa will get no more than 7.2 million. As long as JM can get rid of one bad contract, he could be affordable.

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