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Originally Posted by MisterBouw View Post
Brylin is getting old and it's showing. He is NOT the same defensive player he was years ago. To say he is better defensively than any of our forwards is just laughable and proves that you don't watch any NJ games and you're talking completely out of your butt. Madden and Pando you can make a case for, although i disagree that Pando is without a doubt better than any of our forwards.

Matthias is 6'4" 212 lbs., maybe even bigger than that by the fall. He won't get pushed around by hardly anybody. He needs to improve his balance, but he won't get pushed around by hardly anybody less than around 6'0" and around 200 lbs., the NHL average.

As for the bolded part of your post, who could argue with that infallible logic!
O, looks who starts to concede some points yet is still a blind homer. Who is better defensively than Pandolfo? Weiss, no.
Madden is one of the best in the league, surely you can concede that. O wait, you're a blind homer.

Matthias just had mono. If you know anything it takes a toll on your body. I'm sure he is working hard to put the weight on but it is an uphill battle. People here like to think it is easy for a boy to compete with men. Guess what, it isn't. Putting on lean mass is really hard.

Go start a thread on the main boards. Do it. See what you get. ask about madden, pandalfo, and Brylin. Then ask about Ballard. Do it. O wait, you wont because you're afraid of a reality check because the hockey world agrees with me and would laugh in your face!

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