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06-22-2008, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MisterBouw View Post
The original argument you made was that Boynton's salary hinders us from going after a UFA forward, when actually, it doesn't at all. Yes, you are dodging that point. On a message board, your credibility is all you have. If you don't think anyone reading through this thread isn't laughing at you right now for not owning up to your posts and continually dodging your own argument, then you are really delusional.
Boynton does hinder us. Without Boynton we have 3 million more to go after a free agent forward or another d-man.

If they are laughing at me they would take joy in posting it but they know you are wrong. Sorry pal, if you're so confident then...
Go post on the main board and ask this, ask about the NJD players, and about Ballard.

It is simple. We have less money to spend. Without Boynton we have more. Boynton is unnecessary. Horrible management of cap space.HORRIBLE.

Again, go post about this, the NJD players, and ask about ballard!

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