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06-22-2008, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by hoax15 View Post
Matthias was fine on the days he was with us. Jokinen is a play-maker but he has a nasty slap shot. I still don't and its used by everyone else, so yet another thing people disagree with you on. Jokinen got a ****ing .43% face-off percentage, THAT SUCKS!
He's not NHL calibre because he sucks at face-offs is basically what you said...
lol Matthias still managed to get sent down despite scoring 2 goals in 4 games.....obviously his play wasn't on the same level the next two games. Sure he looked pretty good, but let's be honest. One goal went in off of his leg, the other was a skilled tip. In watching him, he's not as strong on his skates as he should be for his size at the NHL level. I saw him lose his balance a lot and obviously the guys are way stronger and faster up at this level. He has the raw ability to be a great player for us but he's very lanky still and has to get stronger himself.

To suggest Matthias can replace even half of what Jokinen brought at such a young age, still being raw, is very optimistic.

Haven't we learned our lesson with relying on the "kids" to "step it up" and bring offense? We've been relying on Weiss, Olesz, and Horton for the last 2 years. Only Horton has put up big numbers. We're always waiting and hoping for the stars to align. "IF" Bertuzzi had been healthy, "IF" we didn't have a bad November, etc... we would have been in the playoffs.......

The biggest IF of all of them is "If Matthias and Frolik can produce offense, we'll make the playoffs." Even if the older youngsters in Weiss and Horton can produce offense, we still need lots of secondary scoring, and I don't know if our prospects can even do that yet.

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