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06-22-2008, 06:30 PM
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If you know Lundy is special, you shouldn't waste a #7 pick on another goalie.
First of all, at the time you don't know how special Lundqvist is.

Secondly, if the Rangers felt Montoya was the real and the best player available (which they were not even close to being alone on) then you take that player.

First, goalies are the highest risk of any position.

Second, fill one of the many positions that were open. If you have just one position that has a hole, you may not want to go for that position because that player may not be anywhere near the best one available. But when pretty much every skater position had glaring holes, you should just avoid the high-risk goalies and draft the best available skater.
You draft who you believe the best player available if, period end of sentence. If it's close, obviously you're going to consider the player who fits your needs but if you have Montoya rated considerably higher, than you wouldn't do that.

Furthermore, the Rangers in 2004 weren't as exactly set as they are now. Lundqvist was certainly seen as a very good goalie, but there weren't too many people around the NHL projecting him to be one of the top 5 goalies right off the bat.

Also, outside of Lundqvist, who exactly did the Rangers have? In 2004, pre-lockout and coming out of a fire sale, the Rangers had holes at just about every single position including goalie (with the Blackburn situation).

So at that point in time, the Rangers had Lundqvist and not a whole hell of a lot else. This was pre-Weekes, pre-Lundqvist even in North America.

Obviously in four years later we know exactly what we have in net, but in you had that kind of vision back in 2004 that you are a truly gifted individual.

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