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06-02-2004, 02:00 AM
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more points on goaltending...

Firstly Kiprusoff was handed the starting job. The experiment lasted 20 games because the sharks stunk up the joint, thus improving nabokov's position and forcing the sharks to pay him the money he and his agent wanted. If Kipper had played lights out hockey he may have stolen the job from evgeni thus forcing a trade of nabokov. But he didn't. He was a proven asset, but hadn't proven he could carry a full load. Calgary gave him that opportunity in front of a solid blueline and system of backchecking forwards.

Jamie McClennan is not a true starting #1 goalie. His modus operandi is to put up some mind numbing numbers over a month and then get hurt. Great qualities for a backup, not a starter. Talk about bad luck, Jamie played well for Calgary, got hurt while Turek was also injured, so Sutter went out and got Kipper. Jamie went to New York and Jamie watches his old team in the finals. Ouch.

Valiquette is not the answer for the rangers. At least that is what many in hockey claim. He was the odd man out for edmonton after Conklin played well when Salo didn't do the job. With Jeff Deslauriers on the way, Valiquette was trade bait.

I think Dunham can return to broadway and have a good season. I also think McClennan and Dunham would be a nice combination, although I would like to see Labarbera get a legit shot to make the club. So someone would be the odd man out with Blackie and perhaps Henrik splitting time in Hartford.

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