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06-02-2004, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by ClarkeMustGoDotCom
traded Dov Grumet-Morris and a 1st to Washington for Maxime Ouellet.
traded Eric Desjardins to the Caps for Mattias Ohlund.
traded John Leclair and a 1st in 06 to Detroit for Henrik Zetterberg.
picked up Saprtkin in the waiver draft.
btw in my game Burke retired. so earlier in the offseason i signed Irbe to a 1 year deal, then tried to send him to the Phantoms, of course he had to go thru waivers where he was claimed by Toronto.
i also signed Lababera and Stana to UFA contracts because they were not tendered by there respective teams.
so i have a 3 goalie roatation on the farm Frank,Stana and Lababera.

btw i downloaded my game at

its not a demo version. you can get updated rosters, join leagues ect.
im not sure how it compares to the download at the site that was provided earlier.

That's a different game.

The creator of that, a Risto Remes from Helsinki Finland (btw, named the game Eastside because he's from the east side of Helsinki) made that freeware game.
To get help making it, he emailed back and forth with guys from SIgames, an English gaming company that made the Championship Manager football series.
One day, the SIgames guys decided they wanted to expand from football (soccer) and contacted the guy they knew, Risto (maker of EHM) to come work for them and make NHL:EHM

Of whihc, now is available for download the beta demo of the forthcoming summer release.

You've just downloaded the freeware game. It's excellent for what it is, and excellent for playing in online leagues, but whats been talked about mostly on this thread is the beta demo available fro download from

Go there, and look for the NHL:EHM beta download.

It uses the same engine as the Championship Manager 3 series of football (soccer) games, but made for hockey.

From the looks of it, it will be a great game. I've been playing the Championship Manager series since like 1998, and the freeware eHM games for .. I can't recall, but 4 years would eb round about there..

And ahve been holding off of buying a new pc for this game to come out. Typically SIgames management games consume memory, the more the better. Otherwise it will run on practically anything (I've tested the beta demo works on AMD K6-2 @ 500MHz!) .
But naturally a faster pc is better, this old piece of junk at work is probably only 800Mhz, but its noticably faster here than on that K6-2, even if the K6-2 has more memory.
But at X point processor speed doesnt help anymore, as it now starts needing memory for its huge number crunching, and thus the more the better. (ie, it should be as smooth on a pentium 4 and on a 800Mhz pc as long as they both have enouhg RAM)

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