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Originally Posted by detredWINgs View Post
And my point is I dont need to read a stupid stat list to know that Lilja would be a top 2 Dman PKer on any other team. He was in Detroits top 3 for PKing Dmen, behind only Chelios who is a PK specialist and Lidstrom who is the best at everything defense related.

I dont care what that stat list says when it doesnt bring into account # of times a team had to be shorthanded (naturally a team that is shorthanded more often is going to have a team average of PKing time higher than others), who youre defensive forwards are on the PK, who your PK pair is on defense, etc.

According to your little stat happy sheet there, I should take Steve Staios over Lidstrom on the PK every day of the week. Good for idiots that rely on numbers and dont actually watch the game (not you, but people in general).
You jump to conclusions a bit hastily and have some strong convictions (probably wrong).

It's like +/-... you can't compare them between different teams. They are useful within a team, but not very across ones. Nowhere was I stating I was comparing Staios to Lidstrom... I threw in all three teams rather than have three separate tables... In general under 6.0 SHGA/60 is excellent.

I'v watched enough games to know Staios is not the better PKer than Lidstrom - he's decent, but he's more of the product of the system than being elite. Edmonton's PK(5th) is better than Detroit's(8th) for a different reason:
  • IMO the forwards drive the PK more than the D-men. Moreau + Pisani + Stoll + Reasoner are elite PKers... they are big, smart, excellent on the faceoffs and very good shot blockers.

Goaltending GAA on the PK is about the same so nobody can say either team has better goalies on the PK.

To me, adding a good PK d-men won't solve a poor PK. Improving face-off win percentage and adding a big bottom-6er who can strip pucks from opposition forwards is the key (see Pisani + Moreau).

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