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06-23-2008, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron Delorme
"He is [Canuck goaltending coach] Ian Clark's kid. . . but we decided we wanted a goaltender at the time and he was the best goaltender available."
This quote properly sums up so many things that are wrong with the Canucks' drafting philosophy, though it's a stretch to give it enough credit to even call it a philosophy.

It's the seventh freaking round - if you have a long-term need at a position and feel strongly about a kid with one of your top picks, by all means go and take that player. But why in the world would you target an organizational need in the seventh round? This isn't baseball, we don't need to fill out the rosters of six minor league clubs with drafted talent.

If the Salmon Kings need a goalie in a couple years, don't waste a pick trying to find one - go sign one as a free agent coming out of junior. I'm willing to bet that there'll be plenty of better undrafted goalies than Morgan Clark when the time comes to either sign him or cut him loose.

If you want to throw Ian Clark a bone for his excellent work with the organization, then invite Morgan to rookie camp, but for god's sakes don't waste a draft pick (credit to poster above for saying that) on this guy.

I never thought I'd get so worked up over that seventh rounder, but that selection (hell, EVERY selection) should have been made on the player that the scouting staff feels has the best shot of making it - not doing a political favour under the guise of filling some phantom organizational need.

Take Kruise Reddick with that pick, despite his disappearing act in the playoffs. Take ANYONE but Clark.

Rant over.

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