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06-23-2008, 04:10 PM
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The more I think about it, the more I like this lineup:

Tyutin for Bernier + Buff 2nd

Cheechoo + 3rd 09 for Anisimov/Dubi, Prucha, Sauer + 5th 09

Offer sheet Bouwmeester for 5yr/30mil (6 mil per)

Vally 2yrs / 1.6 mil (.8 hit)
Dawes 2yrs / 1.6 (.8 hit)
Mara 3yrs / 7.5 mil (2.5 hit)

Sign from UFA:
Andrew Brunette - 3yrs / 9.75 mil (3.25 hit)
Jason Smith - 2yrs / 4.4 mil (2.2 hit)
Mike Commodore - 3yrs / 8.4 mil (2.8 hit)

Dawes (.8) - Gomez - Cheechoo (3) 11.16
Brunette (3.25) - Drury - Bernier (3.1) 13.4
Korpikoski - Dubi/AA - Callahan 2.28
Sjo - Betts - Byers/Orr 2.5

Staal - Bouwmeester 6.83
Girardi - Mara (2.5) 4.1
Smith (2.2) - Backman 4.5


Total: 52.982
With bonuses: 54.482

The 6 mil offer for JBo is a little bit low, but I'm counting on his connection with Pearn to put us over the top. With the trades, we're only giving up two first round picks. Something I could certainly live with for a guy like Bouwmeester (I mean c'mon, a 24 year old #1 d-man??), but I'm sure a lot of people will hate. But with the potential for our D to look like this for the next few years, I'd be all for it:

Staal - Sanguinetti
Bouwmeester - Del Zotto
Girardi - Potter / Commodore

With Cherepanov due in the next year or two, we can afford to possibly package Buffalo's 2nd or SJ's 3rd with a roster player like Dawes to move up into the bottom 10 of the first round either next year, or the following year. However, with so much youth in our existing roster, I think missing a few picks in 09 isn't as big of a deal, no matter how deep people are saying the draft is.

I picked Smith on the back line for some veteran leadership for an otherwise young d-corps. You can substitute him with a younger Commodore if you like, but add about .5 mil to the annual cap hit.

Brunette gives Drury a seasoned set-up man who can also add 20 goals to our offense and kill penalties as well. The low-ish cap hit comes at the expense of giving him an extra season. 2 would be the best, but 3 would probably be more enticing for Brunette.

Bernier gives us a solid presence in front of the net on the PP and provides some grit up front. With Brunette and Drury, I think an estimation of 20 goals would be reasonable.

As you can see, we aren't pushed right up against the projected cap of 56 mil. We have an extra 1.5 mil or so to play with a bit if some salaries need to be inflated for the FA's, or we want to squeak closer to that 6.5 mil mark for Bouwmeester.

I think that lineup fills a ton of holes and still gives us a very good shot at the playoffs next season.

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