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06-02-2004, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Mountie
This is absolutely ridiculous.

Ville Nieminen forearmed a guy in the back of the head, and then drove him face into the glass.

What acting? The guy got drilled FROM BEHIND first with a forearm and then was checked FROM BEHIND.

The guy went down and was clearly dazed...lets have someone drive YOUR skull into the glass trying to injure you and have you just jump to your feet and skate to teh bench.

This is such a joke.

It was a vicious hit, and there was absolutely no acting at all on Lecavalier's behalf. It doesn't matter if he plays tomorrow or not, somebody just drove his head into the glass and then ran him into the boards, of COURSE he's going to be bleeding and dazed.

Or was it just ketchup? Or maybe Flames fans thing he bladed like a wrestling.


Face it, it was a dirty as hell hit, and Villain Nieminen has to suffer the consequences of his actions.
Sound like the Stillman hit on Nilson?

Read it again, MOST Flames fans don't have a problem with the suspension, what they, and I, have a problem with is that Stillman got away home free, because Nilson didn't miss any games. Colin Campbell has been quoted in saying that Stillman wasn't suspended because Nilson had played - he set the standard there, one by which he should have followed when taking into account Niemenen's hit.

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