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Originally Posted by David_99 View Post
Don't you know anything? This is how you rebuild. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

#1 Alienate your best player/longest serving Captain. A must. Use the media if you have to.

#2 Repeat step 1 with other marketable players on your roster. If they won't lift their No Trade Clauses, might as well make life as difficult as possible for them. Maybe you will get lucky and they will jump off a bridge.

#3 Trade decent draft pics for 3rd/4th liners with a career +/- of minus-78

#4 Trade even more decent draft picks to move up 2 spots to take a "stay at home D" with the upside of Hal Gill. "Quality over quantity" -Fletcher 2008 entry Draft

#5 Let any other tradable assets go without compensation. What good are draft picks?.. Oh wait.

And there you have it. 5 easy steps to rebuilding.
Ok I have to disagree with your assessment of the leafs draft. I bet you really love komisarek on that blueline? If i recall you guys spent a pretty high draft pick on him as well(7th overall). Trading up to acquire a physical presence/future captain material/ with underated offensive upside was a very good move. That is the type of player Toronto sorely lacks, a solid building block to build a franchise around.

And Hall Gill? For his size he is remarkably soft. Schenn is the complete opposite of soft. Choose a better comparable next time.

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