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06-02-2004, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kolanos
Ugh, we're going in circles now.To reiterate:

1) Blake played on a line that both provided checking and offensive production, moreso than a third-line traditionally does. They provided more offense than the Isles' so-called second-line did.
2) Blake averaged 19 minutes a game, he was second among forwards in ice-time and gets a decent share of PP time.
3) I said Blake doesn't get respect, not that he didn't DESERVE respect. There is a difference.

I didn't say you did, I said you didn't apply the same standard to Scatchard as you did Reinprecht.

1) Conroy is deserving of any value I've placed on him in the past, a two-way center capable of 70PTS has value, that's hardly homerism. Unless you're going to use something I specifically said in the past, this is a pretty weak point. You've said your fair share of things that could be interpreted as a homerism, but you won't see me bring it up without atleast providing a direct quote.

2) I said around the league Blake doesn't get respect. Later in the paragraph I complented Blake and suggested he deserved more respect than he gets (in so many words). You agreed, now you're arguing a point I didn't make. You just aren't making any sense here.

I "nearly claim"? Wow, you got me! Guilty as charged! I nearly ran a cat over on my way to work, lock me up!

The beef is in the link I provided a few posts up, btw.

There is a difference between being physical on the ice and an open-ice hitter. If you don't know the difference, I understand, the Isles don't have an open-ice hitter right now. Your examples are pretty weak, Smith hitting ability is most effective against the boards or behind his net. Chara just physically manhandles people and most of the hitting he does is people running into him and being knocked on their ass. Phillips? Whatever. Warriner is similiar to Smith, but depends more on near-perfect positional play. Jovanovski is probably your best example listed, while probably a better overall hitter, I don't think he matches Gauthiers open ice hip-checking ability.

So what?

Oh, So Conroy has value because he is a two-way center who once scored 70 ponts. But, Peca doens't have value even though he is a two-way center who once scored 27 goals. This is just another example of the continued inconsistencies in your arguments. You defend a Flame player using one argument, but then apply that same reasoning to suggest that players from other teams don't have trade value.

As far as Scatch, I still don't get your point. What "standard" didn't I apply to Scatch? I never made any excuses for his production based on the injury. You, on the other hand, did use the injury as an excuse as far as Reinprehect is concerned. From my perspective, Scatch's production last season is (even with the injury) is probably not a lot better than we're going to see regularly, if he is used in a third-line role. So, yeah, I agree that both players should be viewed based on what they have done, not what them might do. Based on what they've done in recent seasons, I take Scatch over Reinprehect any day of the week. At least Scatch has actuallly had a 25 goal season, which is more than I can say for your man.

Blake: He averaged 18 minutes a game, much of which was defensive time, PK'ing, etc. He played about 15 minutes a night at even strength. He did not see icetime in critical offensive situations last season. He had an average of 1.15 minutes a night on the PP, but a little more than 3 minutes a night on the PK. He was a third line forward, pure and simple.

Everybody in the league, including Islander management and Islander fans recognize that he is a third-line forward. He may be a good third line forward, but that is about all he is.

Incidently, exactly how do you know what value opposing GMs place on Blake?

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