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06-24-2008, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
This is boggling my mind.
Indeed it is...

Backman is making 2.3 mil next year. Prucha is making 1.6.

Unless you can move contracts like that to free up more cap space, there is no way in hell Avery should get anywhere near what he is seeking.
I think the Rangers could easily move Prucha and easily waive Backman if the salary cap forces them too..

Avery is seeking 3.5/year.

He is NOT worth it.
to you maybe...BUT somebody is going to give him that contract he might even get more money than that...

Gomez = 7.358
Drury = 7.050
Lundqvist = 6.875

21.283 locked up in 3 guys alone.
with players like Staal, Dubinsky, Dawes etc making A LOT less for THIS UPCOMING season you can fit Averys $3.5M under the cap...easily...infact that money is probably budgeted for Averys replacement on the TOP TWO LINES...

4 of the top wing positions need to be filled, two of the top 6 defense need to be filled, and we need to make sure we have cap space to pay Dubsinky, Staal, Sanguinetti, Cherepanov, and more of our young players in the future.
Ok but the Rangers are still going to need to sign PLAYERS to contracts this offseason. The contracts for Dubinsky and Staal (who the Rangers are going to have to sign ANYWAY next offseason) can easily be fit into next years cap...if averys contract becomes a problem in the future they can always trade him...right? i mean the market for Sean Avery will always be there...and if they can't trade him in the future you know what they can do? they can waive him...problem solved..
We can't get saddled with long term large sum contracts. We need to spot fill, with cheap, short one or two year deals. So there is room for the good, young, cheap players coming up and over in the next few years.
cheap short one or two year deals? what free agent that's worth signing is going to come cheap? ph wait do you mean players in the system? who is ready to replace Sean Avery? oh wait you think the "sweedish guy" can.......hey you know what ryan hollweg plays an agitator game and he can skate...lets elevate him to the top 2 lines...why not?

you can't avoid paying guys in the league unless you just want to blow things up and rush the kids to the NHL....That's always good...
No way does Avery, an agitator, get overpaid if you are a smart GM looking out for the future health of your organization.
Avery is more than an agitator...I mean his numbers show that he's more than agitator...these games aren't played on paper and what avery brings doesn't always show up in the box score..unless you haven't watched avery play (which is possible i guess) he can play in any situation and for the most part not let his team down...

health of the organization? GM speak..i like it..

what about chemstry with all 3 centers? what about the abilty to play in all situations...what about a guy that sticks up for his teammates...what about a guy that helped his team make the playoffs both seasons he was here...what about a guy that was a difference maker in a playoff series? what about a guy that has shown all us his worth game after game? yeah lets not resign that guy because we can always replace him with a younger cheaper version (as if the complete package avery brings can just morph out of thin if you can teach his game to any kid that comes along)

His spot can be filled with the cheap, young Swedish forward we just signed.
yeah lets replace Avery on the TOP TWO LINES with a guy you've only seen play through youtubes...a guy most of us couldn't pick out of a lineup....a guy that before the rangers even signed i'm guessing you didn't know existed...yeah lets replace avery with THAT GUY...that makes a ton of sense...

sean avery has earned his contract and he's going to get his money...for a team that gave away money last year to shanny they can justify giving avery $500k more then they are offering...they can fit $500k under the cap and still fill EVERY need..the rangers let avery go they have another need..but we can always replace him with a cheaper option..are prospect pool is falling all over themselves to play lw on the top 2 lines...

it's like avery never played a game here....

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