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06-25-2008, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by FutureGM97 View Post
Avery isn't a top 6 forward either. At this point you go with the young swede if Avery is asking for the kind of money that is being reported. And what need does Avery fill? Callahan and Dubinsky alread piss people off and Orr fights. what does Avery bring that is worth $4 million?
Avery has played on the top 2 lines the past two years? that makes him a top 6 forward...on playoff teams....right? how much money are you willing to spend on averys replacement?

btw I don't think avery is worth $4M and Avery hasn't asked that from the rangers from EVERYTHING that's been reported...unless we are talking about what avery is going to sign for with another team...then yeah that's probably $4M bucks year..

it's weird because sather probably could've signed avery for $2.25M last offseason.....why isn't that EVER brought up in this discussion...

can callahan get through a season without getting sent to the minors before we start comparing him to sean avery..also callahan hasn't played on the top 2 lines...why compare him to avery?

orr fights...and brings nothing else..

dubinsky can't fight...(at least he shouldn't) and does not play the same game as sean avery...he plays a good game and took a huge step forward last season but i wouldn't compare the two players....does dubinsky get in people faces like avery? not really..

how many times have you seen "this sweedish guy" play? we want to replace avery with a guy a 25 year old who nobody could name a month ago....what if this "sweedish guy" shows he can't make it in the NHL?

it's like it's the "in" thing to knock what avery brings...i just don't get it...

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