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06-02-2004, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by kolanos
The difference:

1) Conroy makes less than half what Peca does.
2) Conroy has been north of 20-goals in the past two seasons where Peca hasn't.
3) Conroy has outproduced Peca points wise in the past three seasons, and is an accomplished defensive player in his own right.

Never said Peca didn't have any value, just that he doesn't have as much as you guys seem to think he does.

Call me when Scatchard breaks the 45-point mark, Reinprecht already has (twice). All things being equal though, I'd probably take Scatchard first as well, he's more my kind of player -- I never argued Reinprecht was a better player, but whatever.

Third-liner in title only, top-six in production.

Islanders don't look to their third line the same way as most teams. Most teams don't look to their third line to provide 50-75 goals a season.

Uh huh. You agreed with the statement that Blake doesn't get enough respect around the league, did you not? Want me to quote you?
I agreed with you about Blake. And, I think the same standard should apply to Reinprecht and Conroy. Conroy is a late bloomer like Blake,and Reinprecht hasn't even hit 20 goals yet. All three of these players have modest trade value. Of the three, I'd say that only Conroy is a true 2nd line player. The point is that you should apply the same standards to Calgary and NYI players. None of these guys have much trade value, IMO.

The difference between Peca and Conroy is that Peca has been a 40+ player for most of his career, and has hit 20 goals multiple times. Conroy has had two statistically strong seasons in his entire career.

I continue to be amazed by how much you overrate Gauthier, btw.

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