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06-25-2008, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Capitain Midnight View Post
This whole Avery is my take.

My gut says he will be the Rangers' price. The reason being is that this public 'leak' that the Rangers won't sign him was done for a reason. Kind of a little jab to Avery, letting him know they are serious. Where else would he want to play?

This situation reminds me of when I was in Pittsburgh and Plaxico Burress was a free agent. I told my buddies that he would look good with the Giants. Burress had a workout with the team and then after a few days of negotiating, Acorsi 'leaks' that the Giants are no longer in the running for Burress. A few days later, Burress signs with the Giants. There are strategic reasons for what is leaked usually. My point is that Sather is taking the Rangers out of the mix publicly so that Avery can't use them in a bidding war.

Same thing with the Yankees and A-Rod.

Just because things are said in the press, doesn't mean it will happen. I feel that there will be a compromise because both sides need each other.

This is all part of the game folks...not only in hockey, but in the real world too.
Very good points made here, I'd have to say I pretty much agree.

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