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06-25-2008, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
IMO the logic with all of these proposed lineups is pretty flawed - they rely WAY too much on FAs, which is dangerous in a salary cap league and, frankly, unrealistic given that there are 29 other teams out there bidding for the same limited group of players - and this team already has 3 ~$7MM per year contracts with 4 or more years left on 'em.

Here's how I see it: the Rangers are rife with tradeable assets, but have no top line guys under contract outside of Gomez. We have plenty of youth ready to step in and play a lesser role, but not likely ready to carry the team. We aren't completely cap hamstrung, but don't have the real flexibility to sign one of the few major names (who are bound to be significantly overpaid) available this summer either.

Add all this together and I think you've got one of two scenarios:

1) (More likely) A couple of minor free agent signings (say Orpik, Smith and a short term deal for Jagr) - PLUS one or more major trades with a team that's looking to move assets in order to rebuild/get younger. My guess is that if this happens, we may not yet even know which team is the eventual trading partner or what players will be acquired (players moved may be easier to guess). This would obviously signal that Sather's going for it in 08-09.

2) (Less likely) A couple of minor free agent signings (say Commodore and Rolston) and then plug the holes with the kids. We may struggle to make the playoffs, but should see advanced development of all of our kids at both the NHL and AHL level, which could pay longer term dividends. Under this scenario, we're making the commitment to move away from the Jagr era and take a step back - in order to take two steps forward in 09-10.

Hey, for all I know, Glen will somehow figure out a way to sign Jagr, Hossa, Rolston AND Campbell and still ice a 20 man team (Pearn might have to double as the backup goalie), but I think options 1 or 2 above are much more likely. Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with either.
Thats a very realistic post.

Though i dont think option 2 will be as bad as you paint it out to be.

It really all depends on the hinge deal. Will they make a big trade or signing? Will it be for a Campbell or a big winger for Gomez? Will Jagr res-sign?

Will they not be able (or want to because of salary) to get any "premier" players?

I think once those big questions are answered we will have a much better idea of where this team is headed going into 2008-2009, because all the deals around that will be minor.

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