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06-25-2008, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
When I hear Bob McKenzie say it it's confirmed to me. He said the Rangers asked about trading for his rghts ala Habs but decided against it. I think if we are asking for his rights in a trade we are interested in getting him for nothing 7/1.
His agent has denied all of this.

As for Avery, the way you neutralize him is by ignoring him (see Sabres, Buffalo May 2007 or Penguins, Pittsburgh May 2008).

What I don't understand is this call to "just sign him" to what, exactly? Exactly what he's asking for? You want to talk about cap busters, let's sign a a guy who's never scored more than 20 goals, or yet to play an entire season for us, $4MM+ for 4 years. Yeah, that's a good investment. Ugh.

I have no trouble signing Avery (or Jags or Sundin or whomever) for contracts that are worth their production, but just because a bunch of mancrushers live vicariously through Avery, and giggle like schoolgirls when he provokes other teams, doesn't mean we should go off the board and give him whatever he asks.

Here's the reality: we will win with or without Avery. He helped provide a spark for the team when Jagr was down and we needed that energy. We got lots of energy guys now, and if Avery REALLY wants to play in NY, then he's got to meet Slats somewhere in the middle.

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