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06-25-2008, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
How can you say that though? Just because he's playing college hockey?

Dubinsky was a 5'11, 180 pound center who wasn't a great skater and lacked size when we drafted him.

Anisimov was 6'3, 180 pounds and had the knock against him for getting pushed around by smaller players.

It seems like the only argument we can find against the kid is based on what Olver did (or didn't) do. That's like saying Del Zotto is destined for better things because he is similar to Sanguinetti. I just don't think that's a fair way to look at these kids.

Stepan might make it. He might not. That's the nature of the pick, but it's not like they took someone ranked 200th with their second round pick. Just because he's not a hyped prospect doesn't mean he's destined to failure.
Dubinsky fought and was gritty, at that size it meant something, there wasnt much talk about his size cause he utilized what he did have. Stepan doesnt seem like the type, thats my point - he's alot closer to guys like Olver than he is Dubi or Anisimov(there wasnt a big stink about him being soft as far as i recall, and even if there were he's 6'3, theres room to grow there).

Again, I hope the kid proves me wrong.

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