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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
Avery has played on the top 2 lines the past two years? that makes him a top 6 forward...on playoff teams....right? how much money are you willing to spend on averys replacement?
Avery playing on our top two lines doesn't necessarily mean he's suddenly a top-six forward. If anything, it shows our lack of depth in top-six talent on the wings.

it's weird because sather probably could've signed avery for $2.25M last offseason.....why isn't that EVER brought up in this discussion...
Possibly because none of us here (as far as I know) are keen to the inner workings of the Rangers organization. Maybe the majority of the players dislike Avery? In fact, some teammates (Vally) have spoken out against him in the media.

can callahan get through a season without getting sent to the minors before we start comparing him to sean avery..also callahan hasn't played on the top 2 lines...why compare him to avery?
I don't think Callahan his a replacement for Avery, but I think it's ridiculous to say you can't compare the two because Callahan hasn't played on the top 2 lines.

it's like it's the "in" thing to knock what avery brings...i just don't get it...
I don't think anyone is knocking what Avery brings to the table, I think they're knocking the price that he's looking for. Frankly, if Avery loved NY as much as he claims to, he'd take Sathers offer and be happy about it. Thats the kind of organization this is, they don't negotiate with players who should be happy to be where they are. Sather knows he's in a big market and can draw top-talent for the right price. Did you ever stop to think Sather has another option available that we don't know about? For all we know Maloney called up Sather, dangled Carcillo and Sather is using it as leverage to get Avery to sign for less. Maybe Burke is being forced to deal Perry and wants to see him out of the Western Conference and is willing to cut a better deal for his fishing buddy?

Sather, despite common belief, isn't an idiot. He knows damn well the statistics involving Avery. Hell, Avery's agent sat down with him on draft day and gave him a list of statistical reasons to resign Sean. If Sather didn't bite, it's pretty clear he has a plan of some sort.

Would I be happy to see Avery back in blue next season? Of course, we all would. However, if that means dealing him a Hartnell like contract (who is much closer to being worth that kind of money than Avery), then I'll wave 'so long' to Sean as he packs up his Dior filled closet and goes to another city.

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