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06-25-2008, 01:18 PM
waffledave, from hf
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Ugh...Something good happens and then something bad happens.

My ex found out about my date...She flipped out. She says she hates me and is going to ruin my life. She's already spreading **** about me to everyone in the west island and she's intentionally making up lies to make everyone hate me, particularly the girl I was with recently. She basically said that if she can't have me, nobody can, and that because I apparently ruined her life, she's going to ruin mine. Funny thing is, we broke up because SHE wanted to break up...Now all of a sudden she's changed her mind, but I had already moved on and I'm happy being single and seeing other people.

I don't know what to do. I wanted to be friends with her but that's apparently impossible because she was still convinced we'd get back together. I still care about her, though, and I'm worried. I'm scared she's going to do something stupid (to herself), and I'm worried she's going to ruin things for me now. This is so stressful, I really don't need this right now.

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