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06-25-2008, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by aaronin View Post

but I don't know, can we sign him to a two-way contract if he played 46 games last year? he's played three years, but does he still have to pass through waivers before he can play at an AHL level- even if he's not under contract anymore?
He can be signed to any kind of contract. Whether he'll agree to a 2-way deal will depend on whether that's the best offer he can get. He will have to clear waivers due to his signing age (23) and years pro experience (3+). The only exclusions for 2-way deals pertain to RFA qualifying offers which isn't relevant for Ryan.
CBA Text Article 10.2(i)A Club's Qualifying Offer must be a One-Way Qualifying Offer if
the applicable Player has: (A) actually played (excluding games
missed for injury, illness or disability) 180 or more NHL Games in
the previous three (3) NHL Seasons, (B) played at least sixty(60)
NHL Games in the previous NHL Season, and (C) not cleared
Waivers in the period between the 12th day prior to the
commencement of the previous Regular Season and the end of a
Club's previous Playing Season. Forpurposes hereof only, a
goaltender is deemed to have played an NHL Game when he was
dressed and on the bench as a backup. In all other cases, a
Qualifying Offer may be a Two-Way Qualifying Offer.

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