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Originally Posted by Bruwinz37 View Post
Well said. I was going to bring this same point up. Gretz didnt get hit because he saw the game 4-5 moves before the other guy did. Trying to line him up would only end as an embarrasment. To think that guys like Tim Hunter and other goons of the 80s were 'afraid' to hit Gretz because he had tough guys on his team is the completely idiotic. Anyone who believes this is an absolute shill for arguing that goons 'police' the sport......another myth that has never been close to true.

Gretzky being protected had nothing to do with him being 5 steps ahead of the play.

Of course, Gretzky was elusive….however, that didn’t preclude him from being in physical situations. Hockey IS a physical sport. Even the world’s biggest perimeter player will find themselves in the middle of a scrum from time to time. Gretzky was no different. He rarely, if ever, received an extracurricular elbow, a face wash after the play, a hack or slash to the hands/shins like EVERY OTHER hockey player deals with constantly.

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