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06-26-2008, 04:23 AM
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Again, the question that no-one wants to answer :

If Gretzky was so well protected in Edmonton by Semenko and this is why he wasn't hit, why was it still impossible to hit Gretzky in the mid-1990s with LA? Different era, instigator rule now in place, Semenko long retired, and still you couldn't hit him. As a Canuck fan, it was beyond frustrating knowing he'd put up a couple assists every night and your team just couldn't do a thing about it.

Additionally, can anyone explain why players would be scared to hit Gretzky on account of Semenko but not scared to hit, say, Steve Yzerman on account of Bob Probert? Every star player in that era had an enforcer on their team. If Gretzky got 'special treatment', then so did every other elite player. The notion that Gretzky got 'different' protection that what any other star got from their enforcer is patently ridiculous.

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