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Originally Posted by Lebda View Post
Division 3 college hockey, if it's anything like Division 2 which is what my school is, sucks. It's basically a glorified high school league.

It's not like football. My school (Grand Valley State) is one of the best in Division 2 and have produced a couple NFLers or at least guys who have gone on to the practice squad with NFL teams, which is impressive enough. That's because players would rather play for a winning NCAA D-2 team and get exposure than play for a bad D-1 team (like a MAC school, if you follow college football).

In hockey, you don't have that luxury. The NCAA doesn't have D-2 hockey, just D-1. So my school plays in something called the ACHA with other D-2/D-3 schools and D-2 club teams of good schools like Michigan and such. I know some of the players on the team and they can vouch for this.. Basically, you'd rather play anywhere in D-1 than even the best D-2 teams. You just don't get seen.

I doubt this guy could have played major junior. He's got great hands but so do most of the guys in my over 18 house roller hockey league. And keep in mind this is a highlight video. Maybe he's got a crippling phobia for being behind his own team's blueline. Maybe he's good for two or three breakaways a game but doesn't move his feet beyond that. Who knows. He doesn't really look that fast. He's fast in comparison to what he's playing against but he doesn't look as fast as other Russians known for good puckhandling. I don't know much about the guy but I can say pretty confidently he shoudn't and won't be drafted and he probably can't play at any level outside of D-2/D-3 hockey. Still a good player I'm sure, but that just goes to show you.

You're talking about ACHA DII/DIII which is, as you said, glorified high school league. It's essentially club hockey. No offense, because it's great that guys can still play past HS, but it's not great hockey (as you pointed out).

Norwich is perennially one of the top NCAA DIII programs in the country. To provide a comparison, The ACHA DI champ a couple years ago (URI) played in a tournament with mid-level NCAA DIII teams and got slaughtered all weekend. That's not to say a great NCAA DIII team is at the level of most NCAA DI teams, but there are some really talented players in the league.

As uscho17 attested, Kashirsky (like alot of the better DIII players) probably could have played at the DI level but Clearinghouse provided a major road-block (see Luca Cunti). All that being said, having played against Kashirsky the last 3 years I would definitely say that he is a game-breaker who could compete as a pro (probably ECHL). It's always hard to say how a DIII player's game will translate to the pros, but alot of the elite players in the league have been able to perform well in the East Coast league. A couple have made it to the AHL with success (Kurtis MacLean) and Keith Aucoin has found some time with Carolina. Coincidentally both played for Norwich, go figure.

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