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06-26-2008, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
It IS selling your future by giving up Sanguinetti, Anisimov, 2009 1st round pick, Dawes, and what ever else is being proposed. THAT is selling your future.

Sorry, this overvaluing other team's youth and undermining our own is ridiculous.

Sanguinetti and Del Zotto are TEENAGERS. Their defensive play will improve.

You can NOT teach what they can do with the puck.

Sorry, no chance, i don't care who it is, i do not disassemble what we have for one guy. Don't care WHO it is. The whole is greater then the individuals. And all of our highly talented youth combined equals one hell of a dynamic team for many many years. I'm not selling THAT for Bouwmeester, no chance.
Maybe you should read up on the Jaybo threads in the Trade forum. People from Toronto are offering Antropov and Kaberle for Bouwmeester. Names like Parise, Pitkanen, Cogliano, Frolov, Barker, Michalek, Carle and Setoguchi are all being thrown in as well. It isn't a bunch of over zealous Ranger fans who think so highly of Bouwmeester, it's virtually everyone.

Just curious, what's your plan if these prospects don't pan out? What if Sangs is a total bust at the professional level? What if DZ turns out to be worse in his own end than Brian Campbell and can't put up huge numbers in the AHL? What do you do then?

I like Sangs as much as anyone and I'm certainly coming around to DZ, but to say they're completely off limits to a 24y/o #1 d-man is absolute nonsense.

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