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06-26-2008, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Badger Bob View Post
In baseball, umpires tended not call 'strike' on pitches that Ted Williams did not swing at. More recently, they tended not call 'ball' on pitches thrown by Greg Maddux, in which the batter did not swing. Unless you're Bill O'Reilly, talk of conpiracy theories don't count form much. All professional sports leagues treat its star players differently, and, yes, there is favoritism. About a decade ago, Vincent Damphousse received a multi-game suspension for a similar infraction, which didn't even get a minor penalty to Mark Messier, who was with the NYR.

Semenko and McSorley were in the roster just to entertain the fans with an occasional fight major? The #1 reason for enforcers is to protect star players. If it was as simple as Gretzky avoiding hits, then there was no reason for Semenko and McSorley to be on the roster. Then, there was the little matter of Gretzky insisting on McSorley following him to LA.

Jim Peplinski and Tim Hunter handled themselves just fine. It was the other types of liberties that were taken, which proved to be the problem for the league. As soon as the instigator rule was removed, then that led to punks crosschecking to the head without fear of retribution from toughguys. Instances of concussions shot up.

Yeah, they're just there for loud rock music blasting over the PA system, neon light shows, mascot appearances and prize giveaways.
I can't believe it's even disputed, Gretzky admits it,Semenko admits it in an understated way (what else would he say?). Sather said Semenko and McSorley had "special skills' his team needed. Who on the team? Gregg? Muni? Anderson? Messier? All of the above? or one historic,generational player who was leading them to the Holy Grail. At that time not one swinging dick thought they could get to the promised land without him and letting some pesky rat or rats injure,intimidate or derail the dream would have been more stupid than anything.

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