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Originally Posted by lrodptl View Post
Hundreds of examples on the Ultimate Gretzky DVD,wow it must be true. 40 year Bruin season ticket holder here and saw the man in full a couple of dozen times live. The man said it's true,Semenko says it's true,Sather coments on it to Brian Burke in an interview,Gretzky gives Semenko a car,Gretzky requests McSorley to accompany him in a trade to LA and everyone knew it at the time and revisionist history is a lie by you or anyone else.
Of course Gretzky was protected by Semenko to some extent. But it was no different than the protection any other star player around the league received.

I'm willing to admit there is a small deterrent effect from having an enforcer in the lineup, although nowhere near what the pro-enforcer crowd claims. But the notion that Gretzky received protection from his enforcer that was somehow different than what every other enforcer did, and that opposing players were willing to run other stars, but not Gretzky, is what is patently absurd.

Additional comment - Semenko was a pretty fringe player on the Oilers' roster, and only played more than 70 games once. 20-30 % of the time between 1979 and 1986 he wasn't even on the ice. Did Gretzky get pounded then? Nope.

Teams tried everything they could to hit Gretzky throughout his career. They couldn't do it. He just almost never left himself in position to be smoked.

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